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  Star Fleet: Black Ops - Mods
  Posted by: Scooter on 11-02-2003 @ 17:20 - Source: James Flare
This News Item has been viewed 1,980 times
Hello all EF fans. My name is James Flare (AKA: WASAAP) and I have an announcement to make.

I have started a total conversion mod called "Star Fleet: Black Ops"

I'm calling for help in this matter. Here's the Mod Team so far:

Mission Scripter: None

Skinner: James Flare (Me)

Modeler: None

Mapper: None

Director (controls all cinematic scenes including what the characters say): None

Here is the story line:

Darren Harris, an ex-Starfleet captain who was convicted of high treason, has escaped from a high security prison and has disappeared some where in the Alpha Quadrant.

Black Ops has intercepted communiqué and believes he plans to create a fake recording of highly respected federation leaders and spreading it all over the quadrant... if that recording is spread it would cause a rebellion among the starships and their crews. Thus causing a split in the Federation: Those still loyal to Starfleet... and the separatists.

The only hope left is to stop that recording from being sent... Intelligence has tracked down two locations... where the communiqué came from... and where it was sent. Black Ops has sent two teams of their most highly trained officers to check out both locations...

There isn't much time... the fate of the Federation is in the balance. Something must be done before it's too late.

I will need allot of help to get this going. Please consider helping out. Any and every bit of help will be credited. The website for the mod is up.
Here is the URL: http://www.starfleet-black-ops.vze.com. Check it out.

If this interests you and you'd like to help then PLEASE contact me as soon as possible. My email and MSN addy is: GunBlade_2001@hotmail.com

James Flare (AKA: WASAAP)

          Next News Post 11-05-2003 @ 13:55 - Poll #38 result
          Previous News Post 10-20-2003 @ 12:46 - Mod Team Members needed!

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User Comments  
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Total comments: 10 | Last comment: 11-29-2003 at 09:41

 #1 - Which EF ? 1 or 2 or both :-) - 11-02-2003 at 18:04
Guest (66-109-201-247.nocharge.com)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
When you refer to EF fans....you mean this is EF?

Not EF2 I hope..... that won't run on most computors.

Please clarify.

 #2 - Ok - 11-02-2003 at 19:22
Guest (ip68-225-163-22.ok.ok.cox.net)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
It's for EF1

* James Flare

 #3 - #1 - 11-03-2003 at 07:12
Joined: December 12th, 2002
Posts: 90

what do u mean ef2 won't run on most comps.

unless u've got a pc from the year 1995 then it shoudl be ok any alot of machines.

 #4 - 11-03-2003 at 09:51
Joined: January 3rd, 2003
Posts: 273
it says next to this topic EF,EF1 is reffered to as EF,so if i said ef would i mean ef2?nope,id mean plain ol ef.now james id love to help you when i have some spare time but im currently improving the goldeneye mod to maximum limits of cool stuff so please standby

Giga Out

 #5 - 11-04-2003 at 12:46
Joined: February 8th, 2003
Posts: 110
Works perfect on mine without any lag, and I only got a 850 with 512 ram... geforce2mx even.

 #6 - 11-04-2003 at 18:25
From: (Harvey Lousiana)
Joined: June 5th, 2003
Posts: 321
If you need it, I could help to make the NPCs. (SP charaters) or you could follow the instructions at http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?t=94631 . I really can't do much outside of that besides simple texturing and modding.

 #7 - 11-07-2003 at 11:42
Joined: July 30th, 2003
Posts: 402
Cool, my first group mod. I look foward to working with the rest of the team and putting out some really great stuff. I will be doing mapping and some scripting.

 #8 - update.... - 11-09-2003 at 19:43
Guest (ip68-225-163-22.ok.ok.cox.net)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
The mod team list has been updated.

Mission Scripter: Chris Edmund

Skinner: James Flare (Me)

Modeler: None

Mapper: UltimateWorf

Script Writer: Ben Williams & KevinOfVulcan

This reflects on the website as well.

 #9 - oops! sorry - 11-09-2003 at 19:44
Guest (ip68-225-163-22.ok.ok.cox.net)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
that was James Flare by the way, lol

 #10 - 11-29-2003 at 09:41
Joined: July 30th, 2003
Posts: 402
Please we need another mapper maybe and a modeler. Someone please join! Oh and James, are we going to have someone coming up with concept ideas or will you be doing most of that?

This mod will be greatRockcoolResistance is Futile!

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